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About Us

The mission of the USMMA NY Metro Area Parents' Association is to support the parent members in NY state, Northern NJ and Southern Connecticut, their midshipmen and the entire regiment.  We assist the parents as they adjust to ups and downs of their son or daughter's new life as a midshipman.  We host activities to inform the parents and share your cheers and fears. We support the Academy, its goals, programs and objectives, its Regiment of Midshipmen, faculty, staff and alumni by hosting events and programs which promote unity and diseminate accurate information. The Association will serve as a support organization for Plebe Candidates, their families and all Midshipmen and their families during their years at the Academy.


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Membership Form and Handout

Click here for MEMBERSHIP FORM to download our 2016-2017 Membership Form.  It also contains a flyer explaining what we do and welcoming new members.  For a small service fee, we can now take credit cards for dues and merchandise sales. Contact Kathy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*NEW* badge (name tag) order form  fmcan be used by non-members also.  Get one for the grandparents and friends who visit campus!


Minutes from Feb, March and April 2016

February Minutes - midshipman sea panel with lots of good information

March Minutes - Captain David Sosa, new Commandant of Midshipmen (tbd)

Apri Minutes - Ice Cream Social and voting of new officers recorded

Minutes from January meetiing - with LCDR Jones, ATR

Click here for document.

For archived meeting minutes and topics, use menu button at the top of the page.

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***** NEW latest sea year guide *****

The updated Sea Year Guide, Revision 7, Dated January 2016



Upcoming Events

  • First Meeting - Thursday August 18th  6pm light dinner 7pm meeting
  • Where: on campus Yocum Sailing Center (upper deck_

  • Guest Speaker: Captain Gene Albert, USMS

  • Head of the Shipboard Training Department

  • Welcome and Committee sign-ups

  • Parents’ Weekend: 2-5 September, parade morning of 3 September. Coincides with Labor Day Weekend.  Mets Game is the day prior (Thursday September 1st, evening)

  • Secretaries’ Cup: 10 September at US Coast Guard Academy

  • Homecoming: 24 September


2018 Plebe Parents Tips

The 2018 Plebe Parents Tips document have been uploaded and can be found here >> 2018 Plebe Parents Tips

2015 - 2016 KP Calendar


The 2015-2016 KP color calendars are now discounted!

These are for the prior academic year: July'15 through June '16

$16 each, includes shipping or two for $30. Anyone wanting to purchase a calendar, they are available from Pete Meyers:  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Tips for Midshipmen Going to Sea

Top 10 Recommendations about the Sea Project - compiled from m/n panel March 2013

1. Have all varieties of backups ready, make a printed copy of your sea project – also useful for getting required signatures, get a flash drive to make daily backups and maybe even bring a backup computer, either a small laptop or tablet.

2. Do your sea project – chip away at it every day at sea and put in a lot of time when you can to make up for the times when you can’t.

3. Look over your sea project before you leave, make sure you understand what you have to do and what you need to do it.

4. Check with an upperclassmen to see what constitutes a well done project.

5. Do as much of the sea project as possible in the days before you leave. There is an English portion that can be done before you go.

6. Don’t delay in taking advantage of the facilities on the ship that you need for your sea project – your next ship may not have the same resources, i.e. manuals in English or manuals at all, engine type, helpful crew etc.

7. Talk with classmates or upperclassmen about your sea project; make sure you are doing it correctly.

8. Deck majors, follow instructions about doing daily journals very carefully, the last group that went out to sea had several fail this part of the project.

9. Don't assume that you will have time to finish your project when you get home or back to school. Sometimes you get back late, even after the semester has started and you will need your project done.

10. For Deck Majors - Do 100% of the project, in the event you do a little poorly on the sea project tests, you can still pull a decent grade by having the project 100% complete.

Top 5 Recommendations for Dealing with Personnel on Ships - compiled from m/n panel March 2013

1. Don’t be cocky - always act interested and express gratitude for help and advice.

2. Don't leave your manners at home – remember to use good table manners and speak to the crew respectfully.

3. Always offer help to the other crew members.

4. Remember other Kings Pointers have to come after you on these ships. Leave a good impression.

5. Always check with the chief mate or chief engineer to see how you are doing, so you can correct any problems they perceive with your performance early on.

6. Many problems with the crews start with alcohol, either drinking with the crew or getting "too familiar" and mixing with alcohol. Always act professional.

7. Men and women develop a support system/buddy system for on the ship and in port that will watch your back and make sure you are safe.

8. If reasonable, if you need time to work on the project, ask for it. For example, if you have had to work many long days in a row, see if you can get some time for working on the project from your supervisors onboard.

9. Don't be shy to respectfully advocate for yourself on the ship if absolutely necessary keep the ATR's apprised if there is a problem. Document everything via email if necessary.

10. Be careful of those other little crew members “bed bugs.” Put your belongings in the freezer (except your computer) for 24 hrs. to prevent bringing any "hitchhikers" home or to school.

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